The Evolution of Scanners

We’ve come a long way from flatbed and planetary scanners.

Thanks to advances in digital cameras, today the v-shaped book scanners from Atiz are empowering libraries around the world to scan millions of books.

Flatbed scanner
Planetary scanner
V-shaped book scanner
Book placement     
Face down on 180° plane
Face up on 180° plane
Face up on V cradle
Image capture tech     
Linear sensor captures
one line at a time
1 sensor captures
spread pages
2 sensors individually capture a true
left page and a true right page
Book centering     
Book must be correctly
positioned for every scan
Book binding creeps from left
to right as pages are turned
resulting in margin crawl
Book binding is centered
throughout scanning
Further handling not required
Stress on bindings
Fingers holding the
pages from flapping
V-glass gently
engages the pages
Capture method     
Manual capture
Button at every scan
Manual capture
Button or foot pedal every scan
Automatic capture
Timer and automatic sensor
Curved text lines
Mess near the binding
Curved text lines
Requires software fix
Straight text lines
Natively curvature-free