Auto Capture Switch

What is Auto Capture Switch?

Auto Capture Switch presses a scan button for you so you don’t have to. Just connect a USB cable, and Auto Capture Switch turns your BookDrive into a semi-automatic book scanner. Every time you’ve turned a page, Auto Capture Switch detects and orders the cameras to scan the page automatically.  It can helps save you from having to press a button million of times.

Auto Capture Switch comes standard with every BookDrive Pro and is an optional add-on for BookDrive DIY.

Auto Capture Switch
Auto Capture Switch

How does it know?

Inside there is an optical sensor that detects the movement of the V glass. After you lift the V glass, turn a page, and put the V glass down fully to engage the book, as this process is complete and the book is ready to be photographed, Auto Capture Switch will communicate with the computer via USB communication. It will send an instruction to the BookDrive Capture software and order the cameras to scan the current pages.


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