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BookDrive Capture

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BookDrive Capture is new major version of book scanning software from Atiz. Available only for customers purchasing Atiz products from 2015 or later.

Key features

1. Works with Canon DSLRs and Canon RAW files (CR2 format)

2. Multi Language

3. Smart preview

At any moment, you will see thumbnails of the past shots, full preview of the current shots as well as the magnified view of area of interest simultaneously. With just a quick glance, you are assured that images are sharp and up to the quality standard set.

4. Resume unfinished book

Go back to right where you left off to continue and finish the book. All the settings and files of the previous job will come back alive.

5. Instant crop

After images are shot, you can decide to crop them right away in BookDrive Capture software. This functionality is handy if you are not interested in post image processing. There is also a keyboard shortcut for "crop and shoot" so that the cameras proceed with the scanning with your minimum effort.

6. Metadata

7. Timed lapse

8. Easy insert and replace

BookDrive Editor Pro

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BookDrive Editor Pro is also our latest version for post-scan image processing software. Can be purchased separately. Will work great with images obtained from other scanners as well.

Key features

1. Up to 60 times faster load time!

New, rewritten technique allows for much faster load time, up to 80x of previous version. You will finish projects much faster than before.

2. Designed to support super large image files from new camera models such as 5Ds.

3. Works with new Nikon cameras and Nikon NEF format also.

4. New, improved Export tool with more granular options for file optimization.

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Software store

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