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BookDrive Capture 10

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BookDrive Capture 10 is the most current version of camera scanning software from Atiz.

Why Upgrade to Version 10?

It fully supports Windows 10

Our most secure, and stable version yet

Supports new, amazing Canon cameras such as EOS R5 (mirrorless), EOS Rp, 5DS, 850D, 90D, 1500D and a bunch more for highest resolution and future proofing.

BookDrive Editor Pro 10

Software store

BookDrive Editor Pro 10 is also our latest version for post-scan image processing software. Can be purchased separately. Will work great with images obtained from other scanners as well.

What's New

Fully supports Windows 10

Up to 60 times faster load time!

New, rewritten technique allows for much faster load time, up to 80x of previous version. You will finish projects much faster than before.

Designed to support super large image files from new camera models such as 5Ds.

Works with new Nikon cameras and Nikon NEF format also.

New, improved Export tool with more granular options for file optimization.

Every BookDrive comes with 2 software programs: BookDrive Capture and BookDrive Editor Pro. It comes with 1 year-right of free upgrade from time of purchase. The software has a perpetual license.

After free upgrade period, if you want the new versions, you will need to purchase the upgrade.

You are eligible to buy an Upgrade if your BookDrive is within 4 years from time of purchase. After 4 years, it will require a New License.

BookDrive Capture
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Capture and Editor Pro Combo
Capture and Editor Pro Combo


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