BookDrive Capture 6 is here!

Your book scanning software just gets better.
The highly-acclaimed True Color technology from Scandock is now available for BookDrives.

New camera models are supported.

New camera models are supported:

  • : EOS 1Ds Mark III
  • : EOS 1D Mark IV, III
  • : EOS 1D X, 1D C
  • : EOS 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D
  • : EOS 100D, 60D, 50D, 40D
  • : EOS 450D (Xsi), 500D (Ti1), 550D (T2i), 600D (T3i), 650D (T4i), 700D (T5i)
  • : EOS 1000D (Xs), 1100D (T3), 1200D

What is BookDrive Capture?

Meet BookDrive Capture, the software to control the cameras for scanning.
Press one button to scan both left and right pages and have the images rendered on screen immediately. You can capture as fast as 1,000 pages per hour.

Complete Feature List

Dual camera control

  • + In-software camera status and settings
  • + Live View
  • + Support Canon EOS DSLRs
  • + Support RAW
  • + Capture single side (left or right)
  • + Capture double sides (both left and right)

Fast Capture & Instant Edit

  • + Time lapse
  • + Auto Capture Switch
  • + Easily insert, replace or delete images anywhere
  • + Option to batch re-index filename
  • + Instant rotate, crop, resize, DPI adjustment
  • + Instant export to TIFF, PDF, or PDF/A


  • + Multi-language support
  • + Metadata and tags
  • + Option to retain EXIF information
  • + Ability to resume recent books
  • + Support Western and East Asian page sequence
  • + Smart preview
  • + Magnifying area

In-software camera status and settings

In-software camera status and settings

Vital information such as camera battery status is displayed on the screen. Most camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture adjustments can be configured right within the software with just a click.

RAW File format
(.CR2) support

RAW (.CR2) support

BookDrive Capture supports RAW (.CR2) format so you can capture the uncompressed, unprocessed pixel information straight from the camera's image sensor for highest quality images.

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Multi Language

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Smart preview

At any moment, you will see thumbnails of the past shots, full preview of the current shots as well as the magnified view of area of interest simultaneously. With just a quick glance, you are assured that images are sharp and up to the quality standard set.

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Resume unfinished book

Go back to right where you left off to continue and finish the book. All the settings and files of the previous job will come back alive.

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Timed lapse

Turn on the Timed Lapse mode and the cameras will be triggered to fire automatically at every pre-defined intervals between 1-10 seconds, requiring you to simply flick through the pages. No button pressing.

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Easy insert and replace

Don't sweat if you've skipped some pages. The program will let you go back to insert missing pages or replace the bad shots with better ones. You don't have to worry about its location and file name. The software will take care all of that for you (properly naming and renaming all the effected files).

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Instant crop

After images are shot, you can decide to crop them right away in BookDrive Capture software. This functionality is handy if you are not interested in post image processing. There is also a keyboard shortcut for "crop and shoot" so that the cameras proceed with the scanning with your minimum effort.

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BookDrive Editor Pro

It's all you need to convert scanned
images into final output of the highest
quality, ready for distribution or archiving.


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