BookDrive Editor Pro 10

New Features

Supports new RAW formats





Can process up to
3,000 pages.


So much better you’ll use it less

Finish job faster. Frustration gone. Get output the way you want in one process. With the redesigned interface to make everything better. Could possibly save you over a hundred clicks per book.

BookDrive Editor

What is BookDrive
Editor Pro?

BookDrive Editor is the post-scan image processing software. It is all you need to convert scanned images into final output of the highest quality for distribution or archiving. Simply put, it turns great images into even better ones.

BookDrive Editor Pro's Key Features

BookDrive Editor

What is a Book Profile

All the enhancements that you made to a book can be saved as a profile. When you face with the same kind of book, simply evoke the profile you have saved instead of going through the configurations again. The program comes with default profiles for frequently seen book types such as textbooks and old books. The project manager can create and save custom profiles for use by junior operators.

BookDrive Editor

More Settings

You can configure appearance of the images down to granular detail in More Settings. Image enhancement operations available include level adjustment, contrast adjustment, sharpening, despeckling, black border and background removal, and resizing images. (Mockup Text)

Crop exactly the way you want

In v5, cropping was a one selection hit. If some pages are out of position or slightly skewed there is no way to compensate for those individual pages. The only way to do was that you have to reload and run individual pages.

Such problem is solved in new version. In v6, you have more cropping options. You can choose the program to pre-place the crop rectangles at exactly the same position in every pair, or slightly varying positions based on the text, or the page edge. After that, you can still make further change on any pair individually so that the final cropping will be done at precisely the position you want in every single page.

This process used to be tricky that could take countless sessions for the user to get what she really wants.

The purpose of this version is so that you can accomplish what you want in a single session.

BookDrive Editor

Individual Page Setting

You can adjust crop area to very precise position as well as add padding area (computer generated page margin) to make the page appear well spaced, balanced or symmetrical.

BookDrive Editor
BookDrive Editor

Multi-book, multi-chapter batch operation

You only need to make settings for the first pair of images. The program will apply those settings to the remaining pairs automatically for unattended, hassle-free fast batch operation. Load as many books and as many chapters each of which having its own profile as you want, hit Run, and then leave. Come back and you will see the job completed.

BookDrive Editor

Sophisticated Export Tool

Export to your heart's desire. The new and improved export tool lets you easily output files either as single-page, or multi-page TIFF, PDF or even ISO 19005-1 compliant PDF/A document, a format well-suited to long-term archiving and preservation.

Smart Background Removal

What do you do with unwanted yellow tint commonly found in old books? BookDrive Editor Pro can replace that with bright and clear background free from speckles and stains, effectively preserving old, faded prints and priceless historical works such as scrolls and century-old books. Color and highlights in the page can be preserved while giving new life to grey and drab pages.

Superior Black and White Conversion

Some projects require output as Black and White (B&W) images. BookDrive Editor Pro has got some really advanced B&W conversion called Adaptive Local Thresholding technique that intelligently converts each pixel to black or white according to the information of that pixel relative to the surrounding area. This ensures you will get superior B&W output compared to the standard ones.

BookDrive Editor

BookDrive Editor Pro

BookDrive Editor
BookDrive Editor

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Complete Feature List

The application for advanced post-scan image processing to create output of the highest quality ready for distribution.

  • Robust enhancement tools and intuitive use interface deliver professional results with minimal fuss
  • Fast Batch processing for unattended, hassle-free operation
  • Multi-book, multi-chapter operation
  • Book Profiling for quickly applying the same settings to similar kind of books
  • Adaptive Local Thresholding for highest quality B&W conversion
  • Smart preview
  • Magnifying area
  • Verifiable image resolution
  • Support the sRGB color space
  • Capable of providing uncompressed 24-bit color TIFF files that conform to ISO 12234-2.2
  • And a lot more (including rotation, deskew, drop, auto level, brightness and contrast adjustment, etc.)
  • Available output formats include PDF (single or multi-page file), TIFF (LZW and CCITT Group 4, Single or multi-page file) and JPEG


Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or i7
  • Memory: 8GB or more
  • Hard disk type: SSD for faster read/write speed
  • Hard disk space: 50GB or more available
  • User must have Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 or higher installed
  • Requires USB dongle (included with BookDrive Editor software)

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 7
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 or better
  • Memory: 4GB or more
  • Hard disk type: HDD or SSD
  • Hard disk space: 30GB or more available
  • User must have Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 or higher installed
  • Requires USB dongle (included with BookDrive Editor software)


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